Koala Waterball

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After a breathtaking experience exploring Australia's sights and scenes, take home a magic water ball to remind you of your fun times in Australia! The act of traveling encourages us to think outside the box; explore the country and visit places you have dreamed of, engage with local cultures, and most importantly enjoy yourself.

These are the times that you will remember when you shake this ornament and create a wondrous snowstorm within. The transparent sphere houses a miniaturized scene inside of our famous iconic native Australian animal, the Koala - a must see for all travellers on this journey.

Use me as an ornament on your shelf at home, or as a delightful paper weight. Comes presented in a recycled cardboard gift box for yourself, or someone special. 

Approx Dimensions: H9 x L7 x D6cm.

Koala Waterball